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Advanced Planning

There are numerous decisions to be made when arranging a funeral. Below are some common questions associated when making this decision.

What are some reasons why I should plan my funeral?

  • It lets you make your wishes known, so your loved ones won't have to guess. They won't have to worry if they did the right thing.
  • It eliminates emotional overspending from grief or guilt. Pre-arranging can bring peace of mind to your family's decision-making.
  • It gives you a chance to personalize your funeral service and makes it a "celebration of life." It's a way to get your loved ones involved and make it a positive experience.
  • It can relieve you and your family from future financial responsibilities and burdens.
  • It gives you total peace of mind. Pre-arranging- a thoughtful gift you can leave your family.

What information do I need?

You need facts about yourself, such as, your address, social security number, religious affiliation, military service records, and the names of your family members. This is an opportunity to tell about yourself and the type of funeral service you prefer. You should discuss your preferences with family and friends. Feel free to ask these people to accompany you when making your pre-arrangements.

Whom do I contact?

Advice from a funeral director is absolutely essential. A funeral director is well versed in all types of funerals, and is knowledgeable about the laws regarding funerals and final disposition, trusts, and insurance pre-funding rules. A funeral director will arrange to meet with you at a date and time of your convenience- at your home or the funeral home at no cost or obligation to you.